Marathon Event

Hundreds of teenagers and asdults will be participating in a Dance Marathon which will be held at different locations and at a different time.

Dance marathons are events in which people dance or walk to music for an extended period of time, which is proved to be stress buster in difficlut times. The aim of the event is to have fun and as well as to raise funds for the underprivileged children who are in need of community's support to make their life better.


Fun Run/Walk Event

We will be organising a marathon type run also known as run run in different cities, in which people of all age groups can participate and will also be raising awareness about underprivileged children.

A fun run is a friendly race involving either road running or cross country running. Participants takes part for their own enjoyment rather than competition. A fun run will be held to raise funds for a charity, with sponsors providing the revenue to cover organisational costs. Fun run include novelty categories, such as wearing costumes, and age categories for child, teen, and mature. Fun run will also be include a side event to a marathon or other more serious races. Motorcycle, car, and other motorized vehicle events.


Celebration of International Literacy Day

The Girls Education Program, celebrated International Literacy Day in the project area to highlight the importance of literacy for children. Specific events will held at various schools, at block and district level and on subsequent days in which teachers, children, and all the active citizens will be participating

Literacy is not an end in itself but a means to learn and understand social and economic empowerment. Oral language and literacy are overlapping domains used extensively in both classroom settings and in literate lives for communication, expression and knowledge generation. Listening, speaking, reading and writing develop concurrently rather than sequentially Conceptions of literacy must build upon oral language skills of learners rather than just as a process of encoding and decoding of the script (with or without meaning). Young children should be provided with opportunities to participate as emergent readers and writers for an extended period (3-6 years of age) before being expected to develop into conventional readers and writers (6-8 years of age).

Volunteering for better life for children in India

Many underprivileged children in India have limited opportunity for sporting activities, necessary for physical development and important in learning social and life skills. You can put to use your sporting skills and passion to change these kids’ lives and ensure a better future for them.


‘Dream come True’

Through this initiative, we use to sponsor the needy children for their Undergraduate, Graduate and higher studies. We use to collaborate with various Schools, Colleges and Institutes so that our sponsored child get to study at nominal fees.



Through this scheme we use to create Self-Help groups for rural women which gives them employment opportunities. These SHGs produces various produces viz, Tea, Sattu, Polished Rice, various Pickels, Papads and many other home made products / foods which are supplied to local market. The revenue earned from these produces are being distributed to these SHGs which are further distributed amongst women working in these SHGs.


‘Sikho aur Badho’

Through this initiative, we use to we use to train educated and non educated youths so that they may hone skills required for their employability.

Founded in 2006, Young Dreams is supported through personal funds by various working professionals and well wishers. However, appreciation in the form of voluntary donations from individuals/groups/companies is welcome.

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