Creating Opportunities

We at Young Dreams, promote employability by:

  • Training youths in Computer Education, English Language courses and various Employability courses.
  • Creating Self Help Groups
What is Self Help Group?
A small group (15 to 20 members), voluntarily formed and related by affinity for specific purpose, it is a group whose members use savings, credit and social involvement as instruments of empowerment

What are the common objectives of a SHG?
The SHG is formed with the following common objectives:
  • To collectively bring about the change in socio¬economic status of the poor people especially its members;
  • To inculcate the habit of savings amongst villagers including village women;
  • To maintain good inter-personal relationship, linkages with banks & financial institutions and build self-confidence amongst rural community;
  • To save the villagers from clutches of middle men and touts and arrange for loans;
  • To develop leadership qualities amongst group members;
  • To manage and run collective income generating activities/ventures & common activity/commodity based groups;
  • To improve literacy, general awareness level and right to equality among villagers;
  • To interact and exchange ideas on new initiatives.
What are the characteristics of an ideal / sustainable SHG?
It requires a great deal of skills / abilities and attributes amongst group members to form and run a strong and sustainable SHG. This includes the ability to

  • Listen to each other rather than carrying on with dominance of few and non-representation of others;
  • Encourage group members to discuss, explore, firm up ideas and develop workable proposals;
  • Communicate the ideas/opinion to others and facilitate support;
  • Take along everyone/majority while taking a decision;
  • Meet regularly and observe set rules/regulations while conducting the meeting;
  • Record proceeding and the important decisions;
  • Regular follow up of action proposed to be taken by the group;
  • Draw immediate as well as long-term objective of the group;
  • Select with consensus the office bearers viz. chairperson/leader, secretary and cashier/treasurer;
  • Take up activities of common interest & emerge as a commodity based group.

  • Young dreams is committed to Create Opportunities in rural / urban areas of country both through creating ‘Self-Help Groups’ as well as providing ‘employability’ training to youths.
  • Through Swabhiman scheme we use to create Self-Help groups for rural women which gives them employment opportunities. These SHGs produces various produces viz, Tea, Sattu, Polished Rice, various Pickels, Papads and many other home made products / foods which are supplied to local market. The revenue earned from these produces are being distributed to these SHGs which are further distributed amongst women working in these SHGs.
  • Through our initiatives ‘Sikho aur badho scheme we use to train educated and non educated youths so that they may hone skills required for their employability.